Fat Shark FPV Goggles.

Fat Shark FPV goggles have been around for a while now & have been used mainly by the RC Group or those guys that just cant afford a big screen TV 🙂
Anyway the range of Fat Shark FPV Goggles are getting bigger it really depends on how big your pockets are and if you want wireless headset tracking or just a simple FPV set up.
Prices start around the low $200 to as much as $500 depending on what you want with your FPV experience. The Fat Shark FPV set I first bought was secondhand which even now is hard to find but worth a look if your short of cash just make sure it works properly as there is nothing worse than having one screen and feeling like a pirate ARRR me matey’s
If your looking for a secondhand set try some RC group forums or Ebay perhaps even your local hobby store may know of a RC group or club that have one up for sale.
Ok, initially I was not impressed with the Fat Shark connector that plugs into the side of the headset which looks like it will break & my guess is to get another one it would be big bucks.
However I have abused it considerably in a 12 month period & for the basic Fat Shark FPV I would have to say it served me well and with its design although initially it feels chunky you quickly adapt and enjoy the FPV experience.
Even the Fat Shark plug I was worried about still looks the same as when I bought it & no sign of it breaking the only thing that has really worn on it is the foam padding around the goggles but this is probably due to all the sweat generated from near crashes. Plus these are available from Fat Shark and are not that costly to replace so no real big worry here.
Controls are basic with a rough mechanical slide lever to angle the screen for your eyes which don’t move a great deal and would be nice to have a little bit more range in this.
Fat Shark FPV Goggles have a video out port which means you can record everything you see even with the OSD stuff if you want to impress your friends that are sick of your video nights.
The brightness levels are minimal but after all once you put on your Fat Shark FPV Goggles your eyes quickly adjust to the screens so its not a real big issue here.
There are also headphone jacks underneath the Fat Shark Googles to listen to the motors of your R/C plane (provided you have audio link) or if you have an audio enhanced OSD.
Most of the people in the RC Group will love the fact you get a true FPV experience with these goggles and very easy to get hooked on flying once you have the full FPV set up.
The only down side I think with these Fat Shark FPV Goggles is that you can get dirt inside the screen but have been told you can pull them apart to clean them but have yet to get the courage to do this on mine.
However its best to keep them in a bag when your outside and not using them and don’t forget to turn them off too when they are not in use so you don’t damage the screen by burning an image onto them.
They also come with a warning not to expose the screen to the sun but either way anything you leave in the sun for long enough will get damaged and I have a mother in-law to prove it.
AirBuzz out!


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