IVS NewView Video Glasses.

IVS NewView video glasses are popping up everywhere so for just under $90USD I thought I would try it and see what they were like and here is what I found.
The IVS NewView video glasses come in a nice case that holds the cables which is pretty cool.
One of the things I liked was the fact that you can pull off the video part & just use the glasses which is not the case as this is glued together.
The screen part tilts up & down for minor viewing angle adjustments.
The ear buds seem a bit short but functional & the sound quality is not too bad but distorts badly at high volume.
Getting the ear plugs in & out of the module is a bit fiddly at times because of the location.
IVS NewView video quality is very average with the edge of the colours not crisp & smudging into each other.
The video screen focal distance cant be adjusted unless you have a really long nose
Along the top & right hand side of the screen on the IVS NewView glasses there is a thin blue line which is annoying to say the least.
Brightness of the video screen cant be adjusted so viewing it comfortably really needs to be done in a dark room.
The IVS NewView does come with the all the charging cables & adapters required and the overall quality is good for the price.
The thought of FPV is still possible with some modifications which I will post my results soon along with a youtube clip on how to do things.
The chinese have a great sense of humour with saying its the equivalent of a 52 inch screen however it seems really small in reality
Plus they have on the box Micro SD card up to 32GB but no slot anywhere on the IVS NewView glasses or attachments maybe they forgot to put it in.
If you wanted 3D sound then this also has it too which is hard to believe for only $90USD
At the end of the day if you don’t have the space for a TV and your eye sight is blurry and your happy to sit in the dark
Then the IVS NewView glasses are a perfect option otherwise don’t waste your time or money
AirBuzz out!


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