Multirotor Tree Collision.

screenIt’s been a long time since our last post – we’ve achieved some amazing results and can’t wait to share them with you!

Please take a look at this video, our new camera mount is performing really well, the video quality is amazing and on top of all this we’ve achieved great results when it comes to reliability of our multirotor.

What appears to be just a slight contact with a tree branch was in fact a very hard impact that completely destroyed one of the props! And we all know what happens to a multirotor when it loses one prop… But watch what happens after our little wonder hits the tree!

Watch carefully, watch it several times – can you see any difference, any vibration or even a hint of jello after the impact? Exactly! There is absolutely no difference – that’s how cool is our new camera mount…

Watch our latest hex stability tests and collision video:

Our New Website:

Airbuzz Out!


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